Ally Office Building

601 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Project Information
782,500 Square Feet
6,757 Tons of Structural Steel

Ally Charlotte Center is a 27-story office tower located in downtown Charlotte, NC.  The project contained approximately 6800 tons of steel and added 742,000 square feet of floor space to the heart of the city.   This equates to around 17.3 pounds per square foot.  The steel brace frames required heavy columns at the base that weighed in at over 1,400 pounds per foot and required the mobilization of a large hydraulic crane in order to hoist the columns into place.  Being located inside I-277, the project required close coordination of deliveries in order to keep the two tower cranes busy and meet the challenging project schedule.  The building facade, with its blend of precast panels and glass curtainwall, is a stunning addition to the Charlotte skyline, while the typical floor to floor height of 14’-0” allows the end users to take in the terrific views from the inside out.