Project Management

Project Management

SteelFab takes tremendous pride in our Project Management team. We strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations by being team players, trustworthy, proactive and purpose driven. We use these standards to create success for our clients and ourselves. We are committed to continually improving procedures, practices, and the value of our service to our customers and to the construction industry.

SteelFab is also committed to changing the way our industry approaches building design. We have LEED accredited professionals to help achieve all goals that impact the environment in a positive manner. We have integrated environmentally friendly measures not only into our business practices, but our day-to-day operations as well.


Customers can be confident that SteelFab has not jeopardized quality or safety in these hard economic times to save money. We have worked even harder to be more proactive and to use our experience to prevent issues that may impact overall project schedules as well as cost money.

From beginning to end, SteelFab provides the project management support to make any project a success.

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