Miscellaneous Metals

Miscellaneous Metals

Almost every project contains some scope of miscellaneous metals. Generally, we are not able to efficiently incorporate this type of fabrication into our production process. For this reason, SteelFab is dedicated to forming and maintaining effective relationships with suppliers that specialize in fabricating miscellaneous metals.

Whether a project calls for a simple elevator pit ladder or an elaborate monumental stair that will be the showcase of a building, SteelFab will review the required work and select a supplier that best matches a client’s needs.


Over the years, SteelFab has created a wide range of effective working relationship with various miscellaneous metals fabricators. We are able to coordinate drawings through the use of 3D modeling, provide engineering assistance, and provide invaluable fabrication advice based on years of experience. These relationships allow us to streamline the process to help deliver projects on time and within budget, creating a win-win for our suppliers and our clients.

In the end, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations with a seamless, complete end product from standing the first column to installing the last hand rail.

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