Shop Intern – Charlotte, NC

SteelFab, Inc

Job Summary:

Are you a high school student looking to explore the fascinating world of welding? Look no further! Our Shop Internship is a unique opportunity to ignite your passion, learn from experienced professionals, and embark on a journey of hands-on learning and skill development.

What You Can Expect:

As a Shop Intern at SteelFab, you will be introduced to several different aspects of SteelFab’s fabrication plant while working alongside a designated mentor. The goal of the internship is for the intern to fully understand each department within the shop.

Mentorship: Gain insights from seasoned Shop team members who are passionate about passing on their knowledge and skills.

Hands-On Experience: Get your hands on our fabrication equipment and start working on our projects under guidance.

Safety Training: Learn the importance of fabrication safety and best practices.

Skill Development: Enhance your fabrication skills and work towards mastering a craft!

Inspiration: Explore the creative and practical sides of fabrication and see where your talents may lead. 

A sample summer internship schedule:

  1. Week 1- Introduction Week
  2. Week 2- Receiving
  3. Week 3- Shapes
  4. Week 4- Detail
  5. Week 5- Detail Coordinator 
  6. Week 6- Fitting
  7. Week 7- Welding
  8. Week 8- Paint
  9. Week 9- Shipping
    1. Internship Review during the last week of the internship

Qualifications and Requirements

Required: High school students with a passion for fabrication, machine operation, etc. Must be able to read tape measure to 1/16” increments. Must be able to speak and understand enough English to follow basic instructions. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs over shoulder height.

Age Requirement: Must be 17 years old or older to apply. Applicants under 18 years of age may participate with restrictions and will be a 4 week program.

Position Location: Charlotte, NC

8-Week Start Options: August 2024, January 2025, June 2025