Project Delivery Methods

Project Delivery Methods

We have several different project delivery methods for our clients to choose from. Whatever you need to fit your project, we can find the perfect solution.


Design – Bid

Being the most common project delivery method, SteelFab has extensive experience in design-bid projects. With a large network of suppliers, erectors, and detailers SteelFab is able to assemble qualified project teams at competitive prices. From initial budgeting to project closeout, this team remains committed to providing outstanding customer service and quality.

Design – Assist

The design assist method is quickly becoming a very popular option for projects, particularly those with complex design or aggressive schedules. This method allows SteelFab to actively engage the design team through the life of the project to share our trade expertise, value engineering ideas, and design suggestions. SteelFab is able to pool the intellectual capital from a network of detailers, project managers, erectors, in-house engineers, and suppliers.

Design – Build

The design build method has also seen significant growth recently as owners, developers, and construction managers recognize the benefits of close collaboration between SteelFab and structural engineers. Using this method, SteelFab is able to guide the designers in creating the most structurally and financially efficient steel frame. This input proves extremely valuable as it ultimately results in both time and cost savings for the project.

Integrated Project Delivery

SteelFab has enjoyed involvement in several projects utilizing the Integrated Project Delivery method. This method emphasizes strong, efficient teamwork through shared risk and reward. Our experience with integrated project delivery has given us a clear understanding of the time, communication, and partnership demands this method requires. We have learned a great deal from these collaborations and look forward to seeing the use of integrated project delivery expand.

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