Connection Design

Connection Design

Connections are a critical part of every structural steel project. SteelFab maintains one of the largest and most experienced staff of licensed professional engineers, dedicated to connection design, in the country. Our ability to work closely with the project engineer of record ensures complete confidence in structural integrity of all delegated connection design. In addition to common braced frame, moment frame, and truss connections, we are also qualified in high-seismic, progressive collapse and blast-resistant connection design.

All of our structural connection design software is custom developed by our in-house engineers. Our broad knowledge and use of technology allows us to design an unlimited range of connection design solutions accurately and efficiently.


Value engineering is an important concept in the structural market today. SteelFab takes great pride in the relationships built with its clients in this area. We are able to work with the client’s design team during the early planning stages of a project to offer consultation regarding the optimization of design, fabrication and erection costs. This type of involvement yields reduced project costs and accelerated project schedules.

Construction support in the field is critical to maintaining a successful project. When connecting structural steel to other materials (foundations, concrete walls, masonry walls, etc) unexpected circumstances often occur. SteelFab is well equipped and qualified to work with the overall design team to provide innovative field solutions that typically eliminate the need for schedule delays and costly re-fabrication.

From project beginning to end, SteelFab provides the engineering support to make any project a success.

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