NASCAR Hall of Fame & Convention Center


501 South Caldwell Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

190,000 Square Feet
2,800 tons of structural steel

Furnish and Erect/Design Assist

Years: June 2008-February 2010

PEI Cobb Freed and Partners Architects, LLP & LERA

Original Erection Duration – 36 Weeks
Final Erection Duration – 36 Weeks

City of Charlotte
501 South Caldwell Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

The NASCAR Hall of Fame Complex is a multi level structure built for the city of Charlotte. The building shares a city block with the NASCAR tower which was already under construction when the Hall of Fame project began which made logistics and staging a true challenge. The Hall of Fame Complex is made up of two distinct areas, the Hall of Fame and the Ballroom. The Hall of Fame steel framing was unique in the fact that many of the interior columns were intentionally skewed out plumb and were located on radial grid lines. The Ballroom portion of the building is one large room that is one acre under roof with no visible columns.

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