Clearwater Paper Tissue Machine Bldg and Warehouse

671 Washburn Switch Road
Shelby, NC 28150

3,900 Ton Tissue Machine Building
235 Ton Warehouse

Furnish and Erect

Baisch Engineering

Clearwater Paper
671 Washburn Switch Road
Shelby, NC 28150


Clearwater’s self proclaimed flagship production facility in Shelby, NC is approximately 304,310 square feet of manufacturing and 140,600 square feet of warehouse for storage of parent roll product. The plant will make private-label tissue products for retail grocery chains throughout the Southeast and along the East Coast. Project costs are estimated to be $260-$280 million. When complete the facility is expected to product approximately 10 million cases of bathroom tissue and paper towels each year. The paper machine is expected to produce 70,000 tons annually.

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