Welders – Charlotte, NC

SteelFab, Inc

Job Summary:
Perform many different kinds of welding and cutting using gas and electric welding equipment to fabricate steel with minimum supervision.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Perform FCAW (2G) welding. Be able to pass 2G test in FCAW on 1” thick coupon. Be able to pass 2G test in SMAW group 4 electrodes on 3/8” coupon.
2. Operate air arc to remove steel (back gouging).
3. Grind with 90° angle grinder.
4. Operate pendent controlled bridge crane safely and efficiently.
5. Read weld symbols and check weld size using weld fillet gauges.
6. Heat material to required temperature using temperature sticks and heating torch/cutting torch. (read and follow pre-heart & interpass temperature tables.)
7. Set machines according to procedure charts.
8. Use air chipper to chip of slag.
9. Use natural gas tube heaters to pre-heat steel.
10. Operate stud welder.
11. Follow weld procedures as it applies to volts, amps & wirefeed speed.
12. Heat, straighten and be able to know when to use pre-heat to offset distortion.
13. Meet requirement of Class “C” and “B” welders with greater efficiency.
14. Perform other duties as required by management.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Required: High school education or equivalent. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs over shoulder height. Be able to read blueprints. FCAW (2G) SMAW (2G). Be able to read weld symbols and be familiar with weld procedures. Must be familiar with WP1 (manual shielded metal arc welding of carbon steel) and WP2 (Flux cored are welding of carbon steel) and WP3 (Flux cored arc welding with gas shielding of carbon steel).

Preferred: Two or more years experience in manufacturing in the steel fabrication industry.

Proficiency and use of Software, equipment, machines, tools, electronic device necessary for job:
Air arc, 90° angle grinder, crane, heating torch, cutting torch.