Overhead Crane Operators – Charlotte, NC

SteelFab, Inc

Job Summary:
Operate overhead electric bridge or boom type crane to lift, rig, move, or position material, work in process, equipment or finished products.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Responsible for everything the crane picks up.
2. Only qualified and designated employees are permitted to operate a crane.
3. Knowledge of the weight before the load is picked up.
4. Check switches everyday.
5. Limit switches (up switches are a safety device to keep the load from double-blocking).
6. Make sure loads are hooked and balanced correctly.
7. Hoists need to be spaced evenly in relationship to the ends of the lift.
8. Double the chains on loads over 6,000 lbs.
9. Always lift straight up to protect wire rope guide.
10. Check cables to make sure they are not frayed (report frayed cables to maintenance).
11. Ensure helpers are clear of the chains.
12. Check chains and hooks regularly for wear. Stretched chains should be taken out of service immediately.
13. Don’t ever carry a load over a person’s head.
14. Be aware of surroundings such as: truck smokestack, crane ladder and columns.
15. Use extreme caution in poor weather/ lighting conditions.
16. Perform other duties as required by management.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Required: High school education or equivalent. Must be able to lift a minimum of 15 lbs. Must have vision correctable to at least 20/50 in one eye. Must be able to read numbers, letters and a dial face clock. Must be able to speak and understand enough English to follow simple instructions.

Preferred: Two or more years experience in manufacturing in the steel fabrication industry.