Industrial Maintenance Mechanic – Fayetteville, NC

SteelFab, Inc. (Virginia)

Job Summary:
As an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic at SteelFab, you will repair and maintain machinery and mechanical equipment such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Observes mechanical devices in operation and listens to their sounds to locate causes of trouble.
2. Dismantles devices to gain access to and remove defective parts.
3. Examines form and texture of parts to detect imperfections.
4. Inspects used parts to determine changes in dimensional requirements.
5. Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments.
6. Repairs or replaces defective parts.
7. Installs special functional and structural parts in devices.
8. Lubricates and cleans parts.
9. Starts devices to test their performance.
10. Sets up and operates lathe, drill press, grinder, and other metalworking tools to make and repair parts.
11. Initiates purchase order for parts and machines.
12. Repairs electrical equipment.
13. Perform other duties as required by management

Qualifications and Requirements:
Required: Must be able to read tape measure to 1/16” increments. Must be able to read numbers, letters, and a dial face clock. Must be able to speak and understand enough English to follow basic instructions. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs over shoulder height.

Preferred Experience: Two or more years experience in manufacturing in the steel fabrication industry. Proficiency and use of Software, equipment, machines, tools, electronic device necessary for job to include: Lathe, drill press, grinder, pneumatic tools, production machines, electronic equipment.

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