Forklift Operators – Charlotte, NC

SteelFab, Inc

Job Summary:
Operates electric, gasoline, or diesel-powered forklift trucks with rated lifting capacity of less than 10,000 lbs.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Inspect the vehicle at the beginning of the shift. Report any defects to your supervisor immediately.
2. Only qualified and designated employees are permitted to operate vehicle. No one except the operator is permitted to ride on such vehicles.
3. Use extreme caution when operating in the vicinity of people. Keep your vehicle under control at all times and operate at speeds that will enable you to stop immediately in the event of an emergency.
4. Be sure the loads are proper as to capacity, balance, and projections. Use proper warning flag on extended loads.
5. When leaving vehicles unattended, be sure to shut off motor and apply brakes. Lower the forks to the floor.
6. Always shut off the motor when refueling.
7. Fuel tanks must be properly clamped and secured.
8. Operators are responsible for the proper piling of material. Keep designated areas clear.
9. Do not drive or park under suspended loads.
10. Spread the forks to suit the load width. Lift, lower, and carry loads with the mast vertical or tilted back, never forward.
11. Keep the vehicle free from all objects and materials that are not essential to the normal and successful operation of the vehicle.
12. Perform other duties as required by management.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Required: High school education or equivalent. Must have a knowledge of the tools, machines, equipment, and materials used in a steel fabricating shop. Must have experience in a structural steel fabricating shop performing such duties.

Preferred: Two or more years experience in all aspects of manufacturing in the steel fabrication industry.